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An Introduction

Take some time out of your busy life and come to refresh yourselves with energy and inspiration in a warm, tranquil oasis of calm.

Only 1 hour from Malaga, deep in the olive groves of the Andalucian hills, the retreat will provide you with a perfect sanctuary where you can stay and practise yoga and meditation, overlooking the stunning views and close to the Mediterranean. 

Anyone looking for a peaceful time away, will enjoy the relaxed surroundings and warm hospitality.

Whether you are a complete novice curious to experience yoga for the first time, or an experienced yogi seeking time and space to deepen your practise, Casa Santosha offers you a retreat tailored to your needs.


If you are a teacher and looking for a venue to bring your students for your own retreats then this will be a lovely venue for you.

“ Casa “ ( house in Spanish ) and Santosha ( contentment in Sanskrit ), literally means House of Contentment.  A healthy body and a peaceful mind are the keys to inner contentment.  Our intention at Casa Santosha is to share with you the tools to finding this contentment through the ancient science and practise of yoga.

Health is Wealth, Peace of Mind is Happiness,

Yoga Shows the Way!

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