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About Us

Casa Santosha is run by Emma and Paul. We have recently taken it over from another yoga teacher, who has been running the venue as a retreat place for more than 10 years. We have set up Casa Santosha as a way for us to spend more time in the peace and tranquility of Andalucia as we currently live in London, but also to be able to share the practise and study of yoga, meditation and ayurveda to others in this beautiful, nourishing space.

Retreats run by Emma and Paul are based on the Sivananda yoga tradition which emcompass many aspects of the traditional yoga practises. For details on Sivananda yoga and a Sivananda based class click on these links.


Emma has been a yoga teacher for more than 25 years within the Sivananda yoga tradition and has an extensive training and experience in all aspects of yoga practise and philosophy.  She is also an ayurvedic health consultant having trained with teachers such as Dr. Vasant Lad, Atreya Smith and Dr. Deepa Apte and offers regular advice for people with specific health conditions or for those just wanting to improve their overall well being. 

Emma currently runs a yoga studio in Bromley, Yoga Studio Bromley, and teaches regularly in other parts of London and on different teachers training courses. Emma shares her wisdom and experience to help guide and inspire others on their journey, aiding those in search of a deeper sense of purpose and connection to life. 


Paul has more recently trained as a yoga teacher within the Sivananda tradition with his training in February 2014 in the Himalayas, India. He has a natural intuition on movement and well being from his experience with dance which is his biggest passion. His smiles and good humour and generally kind and generous personality bring a cheer to everyone’s hearts and makes him a valuable asset to the warmth and spirit of Casa Santosha.

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