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 1 Year Teachers Training Course/Self Development Course 
Starting May 2024- May 2025

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As many of you know I run yoga teachers training courses.  We have already had two successful teachers training courses in 2020/21 and 2022/23. It is a very traditional authentic teachers training course based on the classical yogic teachings and principles and includes a final week in a traditional yogic ashram setting at Casa Santosha in Spain. You can enjoy some testimonials from our last group which we just finished in September 2023 from the video below - and for full details on our next training please click here.

Teachers Training Course Students Testimonials​​​​​​​​

"I thoroughly enjoyed Emma Brown's Yoga Bromley 200 hour teacher training course. Over a year we learnt a huge amount about the philosophical basis for yoga and spent a lot of time guided in practising the physical, mental and spiritual techniques. Emma teaches with a huge amount of experience, wisdom, dedication, and patience. I felt very well personally supported throughout the course. With increased awareness, insight, happiness, strength, and flexibility, I feel ready to teach! Thank you so much Emma for this life changing experience."
Rich Hurley - Training 2021/22

"If you’re considering becoming a Yoga Teacher, I would highly recommend studying with Emma Brown and the Sivananda approach.  It is a traditional-based philosophy with a handed-down lineage and Emma has terrific knowledge, skills, experience and a very personable style.  I found this Teachers’ Training Course a very pleasurable way to learn and a very important step in my  own journey as a yogi.  I think that it was good value for money too and I’m looking forward to sharing my new-found knowledge with others as I begin to teach.”
Annie Norton - Training 2021/22

“I thoroughly enjoyed my one year yoga course with Emma Brown. The course was skilfully crafted with a great balance between theory and practice. Emma delivered the lessons with great knowledge, in a relaxing environment. The topics were inspiring and discussed in a small group of likeminded people creating a sense of community and collective growth. Detailed guidance on the practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation gave me the opportunity to improve and better understand their benefits. The cherry on top was the lovely vegan and vegetarian meals we shared together. Thanks Emma for such an enlightening year!“

Estela Landro - Self development training 2022/23

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