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I’ve recently returned from a serenely wonderful and magical Well Woman Yoga Retreat in the mountains of Andalusia, run by the vibrant and lovely Emma Brown, formerly Swami Krishnapremananda, who is down to earth, warm hearted and formally trained and thoroughly grounded in the teachings of classic Hatha Yoga and Meditation and its Vedic principles, which state that Yoga is a science of the Mind and if used well bestows radiant health and peace of mind on the Practitioner.Emma is no new age yoga bunny, she has adhered for years to a strict physical, mental and spiritual practice that has been passed down from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage for thousands of years...She is a glowing example of one who consistently practices what she teaches. This is very apparent when you see the effect she has on her guests, a lovely collection of erudite ladies and their friends from her Yoga classes in London.Emma’s guests have a straightforward trust in her abilities to bring out the best in them - and she does so, with grace and charm.Emma is also a musician in the Indian tradition and her Kirtan and chanting are a joy to hear and sing along to. She also practices ecstatic dancing. Her energy is infectious and her un-self consciousness gives people permission to open up and really be themselves. I’m already a convert having been witness to Emma’s Yoga journey since the 90’s, well before Yoga became a mainstream fashion.Still, I wouldn’t give just anyone such a shining reference if it wasn’t very much deserved...Emma’s honest intuitiveness and devotion which she shares whilst holding a safe space for her guests, makes the Yoga and Meditation practices and workshops she teaches sacred, through her own knowing and long experience.

Caroline Freedman

I just needed to say again how much I enjoyed my stay at Casa Santosha.  I loved all the yoga, and learned quite a bit about postures and enjoyed trying out ones I'd never  previously had the courage to do. Your precise instruction and all of your In depth knowledge promotes confidence. It was lovely too to learn so much about breathing techniques and experience all the benefits of daily practice.  The chanting, the translation of Sanskrit words and sounds has brought a whole new meaning to this practice and has now encouraged me to do some at home. The setting in beautiful nature and the stunning location totally enhanced what was already good. The food was excellent and thank you again for letting us in on your lovely recipes and allowing us to participate in your kitchen. It's been inspirational and already I've tried out some of your tips on my first meal since returning home this morning. The whole stay was wonderful and of course I enjoyed having the dogs and pussycats and kittens around and loved watching their antics. Thank you again for all your kind attention and hard work. You all made it a memorable 5 days.

Patricia Lomax

The yoga retreat at Casa Santosha was my first experience and what a wonderful first experience it was. The setting  was peaceful and very beautiful. Accommodation, food and company couldn't have been better. Above all I loved the time, space and personal attention I received throughout our yoga sessions. There was an aura of peace and tranquility throughout and yet real camaraderie developed over the four days. Many thanks for a memorable experience. I left feeling invigorated and inspired!

Diana Hew

Emma I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the most restorative 4 days with you. I so enjoyed the retreat and wow what a dreamy location. The combination of delicious food and 2 yoga classes a day meant I returned to London energised! I also really appreciated the small yoga classes and thank you for all of your reassurance that meant with a bit of calm confidence I could get my legs up into a half headstand! See you soon.

Emma James

Thank you Emma for a lovely weekend. The setting was beautiful, the food delicious and the yoga and meditation classes were enjoyable, educational and inspiring.  It was a very inspiring trip overall for me, and I hope to keep up the good work with all that I learnt at the weekend - I have meditated each day since I've been back.  I definitely want to go on one of your retreats again and hope to be able to go every year for the lovely peace and relaxation I gained from it all.

Janice Champion

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