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Covid Safe Retreats

Be assured 


  • The immediate area where Casa Santosha is based has not had any registered cases of Covid 19 and so it is a safe area. 

  • We are also quite remote so there will be minimal  or possibly no contact with others, apart from the group.

  • If we did go into town or to the beach we would wear masks and take all the necessary precautions.

  • The house is also kept very clean on a daily basis.

  • For entering Spain you would need to present a negative PCR test which would have to have your results within 72 hours of travelling. With all of us having a negative test in order to enter Spain, you can be assured that we will all be as safe as possible.

  • Our daily practice of yoga, meditation, mantra chanting, and nutritional vegan food along with the healing sun, fresh air and time by the sea will only protect you further by strengthening your immunity and overall resilience.

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